About Us



21CT was founded in 1999 with a simple principle: create cutting-edge technology solutions to secure the world by leveraging smart altorithms to find patterns in suspicious behavior amongst massive volumes of data. Started as an innovation incubator serving the Department of Defense and intelligence communities, 21CT has taken the patented technologies created in its Research & Development labs and created leading investigative analytics and pattern detection solutions for cyber security and anti-fraud.  21CT is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Washington, D.C.

We bring over 15 years of research and development in network/graph analytics, machine learning, anomaly detection, and behavior analysis of structured data (e.g., SIGINT, transactional data).  We have developed mature capabilities to identify entities (e.g., human individuals, networks, ships) of interest, track changes of the entities over time, identify likely adversarial entities/behaviors and anticipate their future activities, and detect unknown events affecting the entities.


Defense & Intelligence

21CT commercialized our work into products for the U.S. Intelligence Community’s urgent and classified counter-terrorism investigations.  This product became 21CT’s proprietary platform and application framework, which included several patents and copyrights, that applied to virtually any domain that has impossibly large data stores containing sensitive information about people, places and things, where the relationships are hidden or unknown. 

21CT has served over 50 federal government customers, either directly or through subcontracting relationships with federal defense contractors, including the Air Force, the Army, Navy, Marines, SOCOM, JIEDDO, SPAWAR, ICE, DARPA and organizations that we are contractually bound not to disclose.  In addition, 21CT has served state government and multiple Fortune 1000 companies protecting sensitive computer networks and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Why 21CT

You’re like us, relentlessly curious. At 21CT we create data analytics solutions to reward that curiosity.

The data has the answers, you have the questions, we have the technology and people ready to help. Together we will find the answers faster with data analytics products designed for the way you think, look, and find.

We're ready to reward your curiosity!