LYNXeon for Network Behavior Analysis and Visualization

It’s not a matter of if, but when your organization will suffer the effects of a cyber attack. Malicious attackers are continually putting your assets at risk: intellectual property, customer data, financial information, and most of all your reputation. LYNXeon offers peace of mind by providing the one thing you’ve been yearning for: answers.

Until now, these answers have been hidden in disparate data scattered across multiple systems throughout your organization. LYNXeon’s network behavioral analysis and visualization let you easily ask complex questions of your data to get not just answers, but the investigative insight you need to make intelligent decisions faster.

Increase Your Operational Insight

  • Extend your perimeter defenses by fusing the data you already have—including IPS/IDS, NetFlow, anti-malware, next-generation firewalls, and more
  • Identify the key relationships between users, devices, and systems that are the patterns of a network attack
  • Visually represent the malicious patterns within your data to get a fuller picture of the threat landscape

Accelerate Mitigation of a Compromise

  • Rapidly identify behavioral patterns to identify anomalous behavior on your network and uncover previously hidden malicious behavior
  • Identify key relationships and quickly visualize the data in an intuitive way as patterns of behavior begin to emerge
  • Roam around in your data with interactive visualizations to gain deeper insight and more context as you identify and discover new threats
  • Quickly identify suspicious behavior and determine root cause of known threats to accelerate your investigation and mitigation

Enable Faster, Easier, and More Repeatable Investigations

  • Transform your experience and creativity into executable (and shareable) analytics
  • Easily ask complex questions of your data and get answers faster
  • Schedule analytics for continual network behavioral analysis of your most critical areas of concern

Request Demo Access

Provide us your preferred contact info, and we will schedule a brief, personal introduction to LYNXeon and immediately after you will have access to your own trial version via our LYNXeonDemand solution. Using pre-populated network data you, and your team, will be able to:

  • Visualize network behavior via fused data including flow, perimeter defense alerts, threat feeds, and more
  • Ask questions of the data and see the answer displayed immediately in front of your eyes
  • Understand how network behavioral analysis and visualization can instantly enhance your security skill set