White Papers

21CT's Data Analytics experts provide unique insight into some of the most challenging problems in big data analytics. Download these papers directly by simply clicking on the links below.

Know Your Network with Security Analytics

Learn how to harness the power of security analytics and visualization to understand the traffic transiting your network, enhance cybersecurity analysis, improve your information security posture, and build a resilient IT infrastructure. This white paper takes you through how network traffic analysis works, why it is important, and how to use it for cybersecurity analysis.

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451 Group Impact Report: Cybersecurity Analysis

451 Group Research Analyst Wendy Nather evaluates the use of big data analytics for cyber security. The report looks at the critical elements of a big data analytics platform including a flexible, data agnostic engine that is "...tooled for data exploration, not just data mining or event alerting..." and "...has the potential to bridge the IT layers with the business layers, so that the intelligence gathered is more meaningful to the C-suite – no matter what the business is.

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Seeing It All: Using Data Analytics with NetFlow to Complete Your Cybersecurity Picture

Using NetFlow and other data with advanced data analytics helps your enterprise see the right kind of data, in the right way, and over the right period of time to complete your cybersecurity picture. Using proper data analytics and visualization provides a broader data view and closes the growing window of vulnerability.

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