Whether your mission is detecting and neutralizing healthcare fraud or targeting and eradicating network security attacks, 21CT rewards the curious with investigative analytics solutions designed for everyone.

Fraud Detection & Child Welfare

Existing fraud detection analytics solutions enable a data scientist to run models and queries to score potential fraudsters and lob over batches of these potential leads to fraud investigators, who then begin the long and often manual process of evidence gathering. These convoluted analytics tools place an unwelcome strain on organizations by failing to provide the relational context needed to rapidly shorten investigative lifecycles. Learn how 21CT fraud detection analytics lead beyond the lead to create actionable investigative findings.

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Network Security

Even today’s complex attacks leave a trail of clues in your data. With the evidence hidden within increasingly large and diverse data sets, a network behavior analysis solution needs to enable a security team to implement an active defense posture. Learn how 21CT solutions collect, fuse, visualize, and analyze your data to provide situational awareness into network behavior.

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