Big Data Analytics

The volume, velocity, and variety of data produced is growing every day, and you are tasked with fusing, curating, and analyzing this wealth of information. In the network security world you have data sources such as SIEM alerts, network access logs, PCAP, NetFlow,  and application access logs. The investigators fighting fraud must handle data from a variety of organizations, individuals, and sources, not to mention in differing inputs and formats. Big data analytics solutions help gain visibility into this data, providing answers, guidance, and insight to drive smarter and more secure business. Unfortunately, the realm of big data has become as much about marketing hype as it has about technical substance.

Big Data Analytics Creates Big Insight

Certainly, a major aspect of big data is the massive amounts of data coming in many forms, from many sources, at near real-time speed. However, one must be able to separate big data hype from big data reality, and realize that the greatest promise of big data is the insights you can gain from it, not simply the volume or variety. Without investigative analytics and pattern detection, big data is just so many bits taking up space on servers. The path to realizing the promise of big data is not buying more storage; it’s using expert analysis to answer real-world questions and solve real world problems.

The promise of big data is, at its core, the ability of an organization to extract actionable insights from the avalanche of data through a deliberate combination of human intelligence and advanced data visualization and analysis. LYNXeon™ is a powerful investigative analytics and pattern detection solution that was built to handle big data before it was a marketing term. But, more importantly, LYNXeon empowers analysts and investigators with visibility into the data and analytical power to investigate links between disparate sources and detect patterns that will lead to cyber attackers, fraudsters, and criminals. Whether it’s a series of otherwise benign network events that, taken together, are suspicious, or a complex web of financial transactions that suggest fraud, LYNXeon helps you gain new insights into your data by identifying patterns and connections that other tools miss.

Stay in the Hunt with Big Data Analytics

The visibility and insights you gain with 21CT's advanced data analytics solution can help turn you the size and complexity of big data into big insight and ultimately a competitive advantage. Schedule a demo and see for yourself how LYNXeon can help you secure your world.