Big Data Analytics

Whatever your organization’s mission—from defending your network to detecting healthcare fraud—it seems like every day there’s more data to collect, manage, and analyze. And it’s not just more data, but more data sources, each with their own format and structure. The promise of big data analytics is that it can give you visibility into this data, providing answers, guidance, and insight to drive a smarter and more secure business. Unfortunately, the realm of big data has become as much about marketing hype as it has about technical substance.

When it comes down to it, few organizations care about data as data. They care about their mission, and they’re seeking the answers and insight they need to achieve their mission objectives. The intelligence hidden within their data can help them uncover those answers. It’s not the amount of data that matters, it’s choosing the right mix of data and the right analytics solution that will enable curious investigators at all levels to ask the right questions of it.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The “big” in big data tells only half of the story: the massive amounts of data coming in many forms, from many sources, at near real-time speed. But when you separate the hype from reality, you start to realize that all the data in the world won’t help you one bit if you can’t learn anything from it or do anything with it. Without the right data analytics solution, big data is just so many bits taking up space on servers. Buying more storage won’t help you deliver on the promise of big data; you need a solution that helps investigators reward their curiosity with answers to real-world questions and solutions to real-world problems.

This is the promise of big data: shedding light on the intelligence hidden within your data to discover insights. By combining human intelligence and curiosity with advanced data analytics, 21CT’s data analytics solutions were built for big data before “Big Data” was cool. More importantly, as you gain visibility into your data, you see the relationships within it to uncover patterns of behavior that other tools miss.

Just because a vendor tells you they have a Big Data solution doesn’t mean it’s actually going to detect an embedded attacker preparing for a massive breach, or an organization of Medicaid providers billing for services they never provided. To succeed at your organization’s mission—whether it’s detecting fraud or securing your network—you need to reward your curiosity with an analytics solution that sheds light on the intelligence within your data, allowing you to reach investigative conclusions faster.