Cyber Security Analysis

Discover Hidden Cyber Security Threats

The majority of network security tools monitor network traffic using static, signature-based alerts that only look for known threats. This is important—and must be done—but it’s never enough. Hackers and cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated, coordinated methods to attack your network, such as advanced persistent threats (APT), and you also must understand threats from within your network. Organizations realize that they must do more and are looking to cyber security analysis to discover suspicious behavior into and out of their network before permanent damage is done.

21CT provides a cyber security analysis solution, LYNXeon™, to keep your network secure by identifying threats on your network that you don’t even know about. LYNXeon does this by correlating, monitoring, and analyzing NetFlow, enhanced with other data sources, to provide a clearer picture and a hunting ground for analysis. LYNXeon uses patented graph pattern matching and assisted pattern discovery to identify patterns of behavior on your network that signature-based systems cannot. In seconds, LYNXeon helps you discover suspicious activity on your network—such as traffic to and from specific network devices—without you having to first identify those devices, making it the perfect APT discovery tool. You’re no longer just looking for individual threatening acts—you’re looking for patterns of behavior that identify a coordinated attack.

Fast, Thorough, Proactive Cyber Security Analysis

LYNXeon enables you to gain increased awareness through assisted analysis that identifies likely places of attack within your network environment. It comes pre-populated with a set of advanced, fully customizable analytics that drastically shorten your learning curve and empower you to hunt for previously undetectable threats faster. Its powerful visualization tools empower you to explore the activity on your network and perform point-and-click analysis in ways you never could before.

With LYNXeon, you are not waiting for a threat to arise. You’re actively, aggressively hunting down what you need to know, so your organization can take action. LYNXeon simplifies your daily security operations and provides a more complete picture of your network activity than ever before providing:

  • Unprecedented network visibility
  • Operational security insight from alerts and logs
  • Reduced root cause analysis time
  • Detection of previously hidden malicious behavior
  • Definitive evidence of incident impact with full activity history pre- and post-breach
  • Active defense to go head-to-head against the adversaries

It’s the threats you don’t know about that keep you up at night. Why guess at what your network is actually doing? Analyze the traffic on your network with LYNXeon for a firm and actionable understanding of what’s going on, how long it’s been happening, and what to do about it. Get started and enhance your cyber security analysis today.