Digital Forensics Investigation

Time and information are critical factors for law enforcement investigations. Criminals are becoming increasingly stealthy and technologically savvy, and their organizations are becoming even more sophisticated. To be successful, you need to be more proactive and aggressive when analyzing available sources. The full story is hiding in the data—the challenge is hunting for it and putting it all together.

Predictive Analysis Through Pattern Recognition

Performing digital forensics investigations can be time consuming, and the amount of data that can now be analyzed is growing by the minute. Law enforcement not only needs to sift through all of this data, but also be able to make connections to disparate pieces of information. Using legacy digital forensics tools limits your visibility into the data, and the potential connection that may crack the case. You need to have a solution that not only analyzes large data sets from multiple sources, but visualizes the data to uncover the complex patterns of connections between people, places, and events. These connections are a key component of digital forensics investigations.

Digital Forensics Investigation

LYNXeon collects, fuses, visualizes, and analyzes all of your data so investigators can see the intentionally hidden, non-obvious relationships between people, places, or events. It simplifies your analysis by presenting these complex chains of connections as direct links. Using innovative and intelligent data modeling and search methods, LYNXeon returns your results in seconds—even over databases with billions of records—accelerating your investigation and helping you find criminals faster. LYNXeon enables you to seek out patterns in your data that might otherwise go undiscovered—patterns that reveal the insights that are the foundation of true predictive analysis and critical to successful investigations.

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