Fraud Detection Analytics

Predictive Analysis Through Pattern Recognition

Fraudsters are more professional, better organized, and more technologically advanced than ever before. Their increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes involve complex networks of individuals, accounts, and events. The evidence for these schemes may exist on multiple systems, involve multiple data types, and represent intentionally hidden activity.

As an analyst, you have many investigative jumping off points in these systems with no way to integrate the data or curate the results. This can lead you down false trails, resulting in lost time as you chase inaccurate leads. Moreover, while accurate entity resolution is essential for a successful fraud investigation, inaccurate, incomplete, and fabricated data makes this difficult.

To prevent and detect fraud, you need a solution that is more sophisticated and advanced than the fraudsters.

Better Fraud Detection Using Investigative Analytics and Pattern-Detection

A critical step in fraud detection analytics is visualizing the patterns in your data between people, places, systems, and events. LYNXeon from 21CT turns your data into an asset, letting you visually interact with data from more sources, over longer time periods, in more dynamic ways than ever before. Using innovative and intelligent data modeling and search methods, LYNXeon returns these results in seconds, even over databases with billions of records.

  • Targeted Queries & Raw Data Analytics to target specific behaviors for automatic action, detect outliers, and highlight qualitatively valuable areas for investigation.
  • Machine Learning & Scoring Algorithms help you identify suspicious people, places, and things (PPT) as starting points for further investigation.
  • Link Analysis to visualize basic connection paths from one PPT, to other people, places, or things of interest.
  • Social Network & Graph Pattern Analytics mathematically analyze complex patterns to gain critical context and discover unknown unknowns.

The insights you gain are the foundation of true predictive analysis. These data fusion and deep analysis capabilities provide more context and better information, enabling more accurate data segmentation and data labeling, which further improves pattern recognition.

As you refine and validate these patterns, you can identify the fraudsters’ weaknesses, and use these patterns to create rules and add machine-learning features to payment systems, firewalls, and other systems to block their activity. This forces the fraudsters to change tactics, increasing their operational costs and discouraging them from continuing their attempts to defraud you.

Reduce Your Fraud Risk

LYNXeon gives you more context and better information to make better investigative decisions. By simplifying and accelerating your analysis, LYNXeon helps you save time and money, and reduce your fraud risk.

Get started and enhance your fraud detection today.