Intelligence Analysis

Discover Patterns of Threatening Activity

Intelligence information is often sparse, noisy, or hidden in impossibly large datasets. Complicating matters is the reality that the data comes from multiple sources and is marred by missing, unavailable, or incorrect data. The enemy is becoming increasingly stealthy, and their organizations more sophisticated. To be more proactive, you've got to find a way to get the information you need, when you need it. You are on the hunt, and need analysis and visibility to find the right answers.

Connect All the Dots

LYNXeon™ from 21CT, enables analysts and investigators to detect, discover, and visualize threatening activity in new ways and find previously undetectable connections between seemingly disparate people, places, and events. LYNXeon helps you connect the dots, even when you didn’t know the dots were there. Using LYNXeon’s patented graph pattern matching and Assisted Pattern Discovery capabilities, you can hunt down patterns in your data that might otherwise go undiscovered—patterns that lead to the insights that are the foundation of true intelligence analysis.

LYNXeon integrates all your data—billions of data records from any source—acting as a force multiplier to simplify and accelerate intelligence data management, exploitation, and analysis. It comes pre-populated with advanced, fully customizable analytics, drastically shortening your learning curve and empowering you to get in the hunt faster and fully utilize your analytical talents. LYNXeon helps make that hunt a success. Its powerful visualization tools empower you to explore the activity in enemy networks and perform in-depth analysis to substantially reduce the complexity of the data and get results faster.

Proactive and Predictive Intelligence Analysis

Analyze and visualize enormous amounts of data using LYNXeon and gain the actionable insights you need to make the right decisions and end potential threats. Get started and enhance your intelligence analysis today.