NetFlow Analysis for Network Security

NetFlow Analysis for Full Network Security Visibility

Organizations have long been trying to use data at their fingertips, most notably NetFlow, to start unveiling the threats they have not been able to discover. NetFlow can provide the information you need to detect these attacks, because it provides a record of every transaction on your network in a compact form, requiring a fraction of the storage necessary for other data sources. Unfortunately, legacy NetFlow analysis tools only provide a glimpse into the data, and are difficult to use and unable to scale to big data needs. The key for meeting the NetFlow analysis need is true end-to-end visibility only brought on by intelligent analytics and data visualization.

LYNXeon, the flagship solution from 21CT, lets you rapidly aggregate data from NetFlow, along with other sources, and provides advanced graph search analytics that detect patterns in your data that could represent an ongoing attack.

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CASE STUDY: Amplify Your Perimeter Defenses for Enhanced Malware Intelligence
With security analytics, the previously disparate network security tools at National Instruments now work together to harden their security posture.

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BLOG: Detecting Data Loss with NetFlow and Network Behavioral Analytics
How do you know when an attacker is stealing your IP? Josh Sokol at National Instruments uses NetFlow with network behavior analytics to detect network data loss.

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BLOG: Using Statistical Discovery Triggers to Jump Start Your Analysis
Statistical NetFlow analysis driving human mediated anomaly detection is a great force multiplier, allowing us to use computers to do what they are good at to enable us to do what we are good at: Hunting.

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LYNXeon with NetFlow:

  • Launch pre-configured, point-and-click analytics, and customize these analytics to identify patterns of activity that may represent malicious activity.

  • Visualize, manipulate, and interact with your analytic results.

  • Easily ask complex questions of your data and get answers faster.

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