Security Analytics and Visualization

Today’s attackers are intelligent and their attacks increasingly complex, creative, and targeted. They seek out and take advantage of any weakness they can find in a network. We know we can’t fully automate network security—the attackers are too creative. And we also realize that traditional perimeter defenses are simply not enough in an environment of constantly shifting tactics. To gain ground on the attackers, security pros need a solution that will help them engage their own intelligence, skill, and creativity to uncover clues, investigate leads, and find real evidence of an ongoing attack. Only the full picture, not another alert, can help you rapidly develop a plan of action to eradicate the threat. This is a human versus human battle, and the person with security analytics and visualization will triumph.

Fortunately, even today’s complex attacks leave a trail of clues across multiple stove-piped data repositories and disparate tools. The challenge is bringing it all together in a manner any security analyst can search, look, and find the answers they need to make the right decisions.

Security Analytics and Visualization for Active Defense

With the evidence of an attack hidden within increasingly large and diverse data sets, the security analytics in 21CT LYNXeon help you implement an active defense posture. LYNXeon collects, fuses, visualizes, and analyzes the data you already have, rewarding your curiosity by uncovering previously hidden network behavior patterns that are the evidence of an ongoing attack or active breach. The security analytics in LYNXeon were created by analysts for analysts so you can take a look at your connected data, track down threats, discover previously undetected attacks, and record activities pre- and post-breach.

Using these patterns as a starting point, analysts can then take a look using powerful and intrinsic data visualization. LYNXeon data visualization helps you expand your investigation to detect similar patterns, or drill down to pursue a promising or interesting clue without fear of getting lost down a rabbit hole. This combination of sophisticated pattern matching and dynamic and interactive visualizations rewards your curiosity with new insights and faster answers.

Using LYNXeon, the world’s largest enterprises, government organizations, and military institutions:

  • Gain unprecedented network visibility
  • Reduce root cause analysis time
  • Find previously hidden malicious behavior
  • Determine incident impact with full activity history pre- and post-breach